International news 11/11/2019

My name is Julia and last year I was in a bible school where Louise visited. Louise started a dance class with me and a group of girls where she gave us dancing, new perspective and new tools. She taught us how we could use dancing as an expression of prayer or to pray over other people. This was suck a revelation for me because I’ve always loved to dance but to use it without pressure and as a bigger expression of how I feel and what to say was new. Together we made a dance choreography to a song, which I felt was so led by the Holy Spirit and that I’ve used in different situations. This year I’m doing a second year at the bible school and I felt like I wanted to give the new students what Louise gave to us so started a dance class where we’re exploring new expressions and learning to listen to God through dancing and being creative. It’s wonderful!

Pr Nehemiah and Fafa in Madagascar had their first service in their new church venue. Instead of having two service a=to be able to accommodate everyone, they could combine the two services. They do ask that we keep them in prayer for wisdom and strategy to get structure in place to handle the rapid growth of the church. We praise God for the awakening taking place in Madagascar!